• Lannavaara

    Lannavaara is a small village located about 130 kilometres northeast of Kiruna.

  • Torne River Valley

    By the Finnish border, along the Torne River, is Tornedalen. Or Torne River Valley. A unique cultural melting pot where the Finns, Swedes and the Sámi have lived together side-by-side, giving life to a minority language only spoken here – and an exclusive food culture. These are fertile lands, perfect for raising livestock and cultivating...

  • Lövånger

    Lövånger is located about 50 kilometres south of Skellefteå. Here you’ll find Lövånger church town.

  • Jockfall

    Jockfall is a small village located about 40 kilometres from Överkalix.

  • Svanstein

    Svanstein is a small village in Övertorneå Municipality.

  • Öjebyn

    Öjebyn is a residential area and neighbourhood in Piteå.

  • Båtskärsnäs

    Bätskärsnäs is a locality, situated in Kalix Municipality.

  • Byske

    Byske is a village in Skellefteå Municipality, located about 30 kilometres north of Skellefteå.

  • Sikfors

    Sikfors is a village in Piteå Municipality, located about 30 kilometres northwest of Piteå.

  • Gargnäs

    Gargnäs is a small village beautifully located on a narrow peninsula between lake Hemsjön and the stream Gargån, about 50 kilometres from Sorsele. Gargnäs is in the woodlands, and as such, they will tell you about 20th-century history. This is where you’ll find reminders of the log driving days of northern Sweden – from relics...

  • Ammarnäs

    According to some people, the mountain village of Ammarnäs is where the road ends, alluding to Route 363 going along the river Vindelälven to the coast. But, depending on who you’re asking, it could also be where everything starts – such as the river, the road, or the adventure in the mountains.

  • Saltoluokta

    Saltoluokta lies in roadless land, in the mountains. About 120 kilometres from Gällivare and 130 kilometres from Jokkmokk.

  • Sorsele

    Skiing, Sámi culture, hunting, fishing – ask a local what’s best with Sorsele, and their answers will be influenced by the immediate nearness to Vindel River and the mountains. The mountain area Vindelfjällen is home to one of the largest protected areas in Europe, and the southernmost part of world-famous trail Kungsleden. Check out #sorsele...

  • Sörbyn

    Sörbyn is a village in Boden Municipality, located about 35 kilometres from the city of Boden.

  • Hindersön

    Hindersön is an island in the Luleå archipelago.

  • Gunnarsbyn

    Gunnarsbyn is a small village in Boden, located just beside Råne River, about 40 kilometres north of the main town of Boden and 70 kilometres north of Luleå.

  • Swedish Lapland

    Swedish Lapland is Sweden’s northernmost destination, spanning from Skellefteå in the south to Kiruna in the north. Read more here.

  • Tärendö

    Tärendö is a small locality in Pajala Municipality, located about 45 kilometres from Pajala.

  • Kukkola

    Kukkola is a small village about 16 kilometres north of Haparanda.

  • Årrenjarka

    Årrenjarka is a small village in the mountains, about 100 kilometres northwest of Jokkmokk.

  • Harads

    Harads is a village in Boden Municipality, approximately 50 kilometres south of the Arctic Circle. Harads is the home of the Treehotel, with the “rooms” of the hotel built high into the canopy of a pine forest with gantries leading from one to the other. The “rooms”, each designed by a different architect, are encapsulated...

  • Brändön

    Brändön is a locality situated in Luleå Municipality. It gives its name to the island and fishing village of Brändöskär in the outer Luleå archipelago, which the people of Brändön used as a base for fishing in the summer.

  • Svansele

    Svansele is a small village, about 60 kilometres from Skellefteå.

  • Vuollerim

    Vuollerim is a small village located between Jokkmokk and Boden.

  • Kangos

    Kangos is a locality in Pajala Municipality, located about 65 kilometres from Pajala.

  • Riksgränsen

    Riksgränsen, the National Border in Swedish, is a ski-resort in Kiruna Municipality, 200 km north of the Arctic Circle. The skiing season is from February to June. From the end of May, the lifts operate under the midnight sun. www.riksgransen.se

  • Abisko

    Abisko is a village in Kiruna Municipality, near Abisko National Park. The Kungsleden hiking trail, or King’s Trail, starts (or ends) here. The national park is known for its cross-country skiing opportunities, snowshoeing, and other winter sports (Mount Nuolja and nearby Björkliden provide Backcountry skiing and freeriding opportunities). Summer hikers enjoy the midnight sun, while...

  • Bölebyn

    Bölebyn is a small locality in Piteå Municipality, located about 10 kilometres from the city of Piteå.

  • Björkliden

    Vertical drops from 538 to 0 metres; from black runs all the range to classic ski school slopes; welcome to this unique variety in alpine skiing. Welcome to Björkliden. www.bjorkliden.com

  • Övertorneå

    Jump across the Arctic Circle, marvel at the majestic Torne River that runs on the border between Sweden and Finland, and pluck sun ripe berries in the lush forest. Övertorneå is filled with nature experiences and abundant wildlife. Atop Luppioberget you have a vast view of Torne River, Finland, and the woodlands, and if you...

  • Överkalix

    Överkalix is a place of rich soils with rivers and creeks breaking up the landscape into islands, islets, and headlands. Get a breathtaking view over it all from Storlappberget where you also can ski downhill in the winter. Take part in the rockabilly culture and admire beautiful vintage cars at the annual cruising festival around...

  • Älvsbyn

    Softly nestled between forested mountains next to the river, Älvsbyn is, not without reason, called Norrbotten’s gem; this originated in an analogy between Älvsbyn’s top-down view and a gemstone, with the glittering azure strip on one edge encased by high and steep mountains. It’s also home to Storforsen. With an average flow of 250 m3/s,...

  • Skellefteå

    Skellefteå is the southern entry into Swedish Lapland. Half the population inhabits the countryside – next door to wild salmon rivers, hundreds of lakes, dense forests and miles and miles of coastline. The other half dwell in a modern city, a seamless transition from urban to rural defining the good life in the subarctic –...

  • Piteå

    In the eastern parts of Swedish Lapland, you will find the glistening gem, Piteå. Piteå is a place of contrasts, the archipelago, sea, rivers, forests and an amazing countryside. Sweden’s highest water temperatures are often recorded at Pite Havsbad on the “Swedish Riviera” – hard to believe if you heard the ice crunching against the...

  • Pajala

    Pajala is a paradise for fishers. Here you can catch trout, grayling and salmon in many of the lakes and watercourses. Visit Tärendö River, the second-largest bifurcation in the world, or enjoy the freedom to roam in the beautiful nature. Pajala is also a cultural centre in the Torne Valley region, with a vibrant theatre...

  • Luleå

    Luleå is the largest city in Swedish Lapland. Here you will find shopping, entertainment, nightlife and a wide array of White Guide listed restaurants, located close to the world’s largest brackish water archipelago with 1,312 islands, rivers and vast forestland. Experience our seasonal contrasts – from snow, cold temperatures and a frozen sea in winter...

  • Kalix

    Where the river meets the sea lays the small town of Kalix. Explore the archipelago and savour the famous Kalix Löjrom — the Caviar of Kalix — a prized delicacy that is healthy both for you and our nature, which is served at special occasions such as the Nobel banquet, royal weddings, and other celebrations....

  • Jokkmokk

    Jokkmokk is a natural meeting place for Sámi people from all over Sápmi. Since 1605 – for more than four hundred years – the colourful Jokkmokk market has been celebrated annually, starting on the first Thursday in February. This warm celebration features cultural activities and amazing culinary experiences right in the coldest midwinter weather. The...

  • HaparandaTornio

    The sister cities Haparanda and Tornio, on each side of Torne River, one in Sweden and one in Finland and in two different time zones are a historical trading site. It is still a place of trade and shopping, with the world’s northernmost IKEA and a shopping mall situated right on the border. The locals...

  • Gällivare

    Gällivare is a small Arctic town 100 kilometres north of the Arctic Circle. The winter season begins as early as November and lasts as long as until May. Winter in Gällivare is long and glorious, with great opportunities to see the northern lights. In the summer, the midnight sun invites to adventures day and night...

  • Boden

    Boden is a small-town with a long history of integration with different Swedish cultures. People from all over Sweden moved here to work in the Swedish Army or by the railway. Boden’s two river valleys give the area its character and offer a nice natural playground, with attractive activities for the whole family. The world-renowned...

  • Arvidsjaur

    Arvidsjaur is a beautiful small town of 4,500 people in the middle of Swedish Lapland with direct connections to several German airports in winter. Arvidsjaur hosts world-class snowmobiling, driving on ice and cross country skiing, as well as Sweden’s best arctic char fishing. With an abundance of great nature activities and hiking in summer. This...

  • Arjeplog

    The Silver Museum, with its Sámi silver collection, is an excellent start to a journey through the history spanning from hunter-gatherer traditions via Sámi culture to the high-tech car industry proving grounds of modern Arjeplog. The mountainous archipelago is spacious enough to fit outdoor activities of all kinds, without ever compromising the silence of the...

  • Jukkasjärvi

    Just outside of Kiruna, by the Torne River, lies the village of Jukkasjärvi. The name means “meeting place” in Sámi. This is where you’ll find the famous ICEHOTEL.

  • Kiruna

    Kiruna is a small mining town located smack centre of the Aurora oval. Home to Abisko National Park, Sweden’s highest mountain Kebnekaise and the ski resorts Björkliden and Riksgränsen and not to mention ICEHOTEL in the small village of Jukkasjärvi. It’s also a town on the move (yes, they’re moving an entire town) towards a...