Maria Broberg

Maria likes to nerd out on music, food, body building and words. She has two kids, a bakehouse, a private ski trail leading from her porch to the river (Vindelälven) and her very own porcini mushrooms glade.

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An unbeatable

My first contact with ecotourism was during a visit to Geunja the Sámi Eco Lodge. It is located beyond the end of the road, in the beautiful mountain landscape that surrounds Ammarnäs. Something happe...


The mindset of Geunja

On the other side of the lake, there’s a mountain wall looking like a gorilla seen from the side, overlooking the passage to Lake Lill-Tjulträsket, its eyebrows frowning deeply over the eyes. Had we a...


The midnight sun

The Midnight Sun. The feeling of never having to face tomorrow, just keep having fun and enjoy the never-ending day, is absolutely wonderful. But. Those who depend on their beauty sleep will face cert...


Welcome to the Burbot Festival

It’s the coldest time of the year, and here we are. Standing on the frozen river late at night, ice fishing. Welcome to the Burbot Festival. The burbot requires frigid temperatures to breed. So says W...


The making of an ice road

A frozen river turned road, makes an excellent shortcut. Here’s how it’s done. A tractor is parked by the bank of the frozen river. Further away, on the ice, there are two men standing by their kick ...


Trail running in Ammarnäs

Trail running is becoming more and more popular, and it turns out that the mountains around Ammarnäs are ideally suited for the purpose. “A summary of the Lapland mountains”, that’s a description of t...