Maria Broberg

Maria likes to nerd out on music, food, body building and words. She has two kids, a bakehouse, a private ski trail leading from her porch to the river (Vindelälven) and her very own porcini mushrooms glade.

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From joik to Airijoki

In the late 1990s, The Wannadies released their compilation album Skellefteå, named after their home town. Where wet green grass meets dust and dirt / that’s where love no longer hurts, Pär Wiksten si...


Sápmi slow food

At home in her kitchen, Ingrid Pilto is preparing blood dumplings. The autumn slaughter provides quite a lot of blood and fat. “Healthy fat,” as Ingrid is quick to point out. The fat of the reindeer i...


The midnight sun

Trying to sleep yourself isn’t the greatest challenge you’ll face in the midnight light. No, the true challenge is getting small children to sleep. The clock proves that bedtime has been and gone. It’...


An unbeatable

My first contact with ecotourism was during a visit to Geunja the Sámi Eco Lodge. It is located beyond the end of the road, in the beautiful mountain landscape that surrounds Ammarnäs. Something happe...


The mindset of Geunja

On the other side of the lake, there’s a mountain wall looking like a gorilla seen from the side, overlooking the passage to Lake Lill-Tjulträsket, its eyebrows frowning deeply over the eyes. Had we a...


Trail running in Ammarnäs

“A summary of the Lapland mountains”, that’s a description of the Vindelfjällen Nature Reserve I’ve come across. You can find most things in those mountains: high mountain massifs, low-lying mountain ...