Ted Logart

Photographer, writer and foremost keen fisher waiting for that grand catch but trying to expect less.

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– One hundred seventeen, one hundred twenty-two, one hundred twenty-nine… Ronny Landin and Erling Holmström are scrolling through the last fishes registered by the camera in the Kalix River’s fish-pat...


Running wild

Exclamations, ranging from primal screams to whoops of joy bounce between mountainsides somewhere in the very north of Sweden. This is the setting for BAMM – Björkliden Arctic Mountain Marathon – a co...


Catch a Baltic

For a long period, the wild salmon stocks in the Baltic Sea were under a lot of pressure. When things were at the worst, the Baltics were on the fringe of extinction in some rivers. For example, in th...


Frozen sea

The coast up north is pretty remarkable, this much is true. It actually grows, year by year. It’s to do with the inland ice. Post-glacial land elevation is the academic name for it, and it means that ...


Some of the best cheeses in Sweden

The facade of the farmhouse dairy is a plastered white. The front door is deep red with a stainless steel plate displaying the company name. Pär and Johanna live in the nearby house. They would have i...


Winter swimming

On average it takes a professional swimmer about 20 seconds to swim the 25-metre lane surrounded by ice in central Skellefteå. We know this because professional winter swimming, in temperatures just a...


First time dog sledding

When Sabina and Pete’s car rolls into the driveway, Emma is already at work, harnessing the dogs that are coming on today’s tour. Sabina and Pete come from Manchester, England. They have travelled to ...


A wildlife photographer

Imagine what it would be like for a few days to leave all the stress and all the noise behind you, breathing in the forest scent and meeting its four-legged or winged residents face to face and assumi...



Fly fishing vibes

The Canadian brand Hooké started out of the urge to tell a story about fly fishing. Today it’s become a growing movement along rivers of the world. And in Swedish Lapland, the team seems perfectly roo...


Time to go hiking

Getting just the right amount of physical activity will do you good. This is common knowledge. It is also said that nature is a healer for both body and soul. Maybe more so than ever in late summer wh...


Wild salmon rivers

There are five rivers in Skellefteå, three of which are classified as wild salmon rivers. Such a concentration of salmon waters cannot be found anywhere else in Sweden – and the crown jewel is Byske R...