Therese Sidevärn

Copywriter and graphic designer based in Luleå, Swedish Lapland, with a serious addiction to the great outdoors.

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The taste of
Swedish Lapland

In Swedish Lapland, we have a preference for honestly cooked food, a natural result of having a clean nature filled with excellent ingredients just around the corner. The Sámi began developing our cui...


Hit the slopes

1. Riksgränsen The legendary ski resort on the border to Norway is the yearly host of Scandinavian Big Mountain Championships, which also serves as the grand finale of the European freeride season. Th...


The food creator

Born and raised in Sweden’s capital, Stockholm, Eva Gunnare had limited experience of nature growing up. When she hit 20, she had travelled the world but never been north of the Arctic Circle. She too...


Trail running the King’s trail

The most common way to experience King’s Trail (Kungsleden) is walking or skiing at a comfortable pace. But there are other ways – come along on an up-tempo journey through the scenic mountains of Swe...