• Alexis Pageau


  • Sanne Brännström

    Sanne is a Tornedalian, photographer, outdoor experience coordinator and soon to be digital designer. She loves classic rock, retro stuff and all things wild and free. Right now she is living the vagabond lifewith her hockey-playing boyfriend and two active dogs”.

  • Sara Holm

    A multi-functional Northerner; writes, takes photos and creates. Loves to ride merry-go-rounds, visit water parks and drive tractors. The goal is to try as many sports as possible in one lifetime. Is indescribably good at reversing with a trailer and utterly useless at sunbathing at the beach.

  • Mia Stålnacke

    Photographer based far above the arctic circle in Kiruna, Sweden. Follow Mia on Instagram, @angrytheinch or visit her website.

  • Laponia Adventures

    Laponia Adventures is an adventure outfit based in Jokkmokk just north of the Arctic Circle. laponiaadventures.com

  • Lennart Pittja


  • Stuart Davies


  • Mattias Fredriksson


  • Dom Daher

    Dom Daher is a French photographer, specialised in alternative sports from freeskiing to base-jumping, also called Extreme Sports in the ’80s. Check out some of his work at domdaher.com.

  • Mirja Andersson

    Owner of Laponia Adventures and outdoor guide running expeditions and tours in and around the world heritage of Laponia. laponiaadventures.com

  • Marco Lubbers


  • Johan Ylitalo

    Johan Ylitalo is a Kiruna based photographer. Catch some of his work at johanylitalo.com.

  • Anna Öhlund

    Photographer, writer and sculptor with a love for nature, skiing and all sorts of outdoor life. Born and raised in the coastal town Kalix, nowadays living in Kurravaara.

  • Eric Borg


  • Britta Elfving-Persson

    Piteå resident and a proud northerner with a curious and open mind. Passionate about creating and sharing great stories with words, sound and image. A freelance journalist, writer and content producer.

  • Andy Anderson

    Andy Anderson is a photographer based in Idaho, U.S. You can check out his work at andyandersonphoto.com.

  • Agata Mleczko

    I get easily fascinated with people and places. I am passionately curious. I get often seduced with the beauty of nature. Blue sky, pure water, white snow and endless horizon seams to be enough to make me happy. Have a look at Agata’s blog nullfull.com – travel off the beaten track.

  • Maria Broberg

    Maria likes to nerd out on music, food, body building and words. She has two kids, a bakehouse, a private ski trail leading from her porch to the river (Vindelälven) and her very own porcini mushrooms glade.

  • David Björkén

    Sommelier. Brewmaster. Bachelor of Science and marketing communicator at Destination Jokkmokk. Avid randonneur, fly fisher and downhill skier.

  • Maria Sirviö

    Internet geek and mother of two. Living large in Kiruna, Swedish Lapland.

  • Peter Rosén

    Peter Rosén is a biologist turned photographer. He’s passionate about the nature in Swedish Lapland and organises photo courses all year round in Abisko at all levels through his company LapplandMedia.

  • Ted Logart

    Photographer, writer and foremost keen fisher waiting for that grand catch but trying to expect less.

  • Göran Wallin

    Writer, photographer and outdoor fanatic with equal love for the mountains and the islands of Swedish Lapland.

  • Conny Lundström

    Combining his two interests, photography and outdoor life, Conny Lundström has enjoyed a long career as a wildlife photographer. Golden eagle has been his prime subject for several years now and his pictures has been published in BBC Wildlife Magazine and the German magazine NaturFoto, amongst other. To learn more about Conny and his photography...

  • Olov Stenlund

    Fashionable bike geek, blogger, shop owner and family man. Living la vida loca in Luleå, Swedish Lapland. Summer, winter – always, ride!

  • Anders Westergren

    Anders Westergren is a media producer and partner at a communications agency. He has portrayed life in Swedish Lapland in all kinds of formats and contexts.

  • Chad Blakley

    Photographer based in Abisko and owner of Lights over Lapland that offers Aurora photo tours.

  • Graeme Richardson

    Graeme Richardson Luleå, Swedish Lapland an australian swedish husband father friend with a love of the outdoors, sailing, photography and travelling and living in Swedish Lapland.

  • Fredrik Broman

    Pro photographer since 1994. Fields of operation preferably Swedish Lapland and Africa, but will go anywhere if nights in tents is guaranteed. Runs and owns humanspectra.com and Aurora Safari Camp.

  • Carl-Johan Utsi

    A saami photographer working the fields of Sápmi and Swedish Lapland. Mostly running with reindeer though.