The northern lights season is here!

Want to know where to catch the elusive lights in northern Sweden?

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  • On horseback towards Kebnekaise

    Johanna hasn't ridden a horse for 13 years; Carl-Johan has never sat on a horse in his life. Follow them on a horseback tour through the Kiruna mountains with the guide Kerstin from Ofelaš Icelandic Horses, a Sami company certified by Nature's Best.

    Johanna Ögren
  • An autumn hike in Abisko

    Autumn… It can be really boring… and dreary… and just… just wonderful! Autumn is so immediate; it makes its first appearance after a chilly night and then moves on at full speed. Its colours and clear air must be experienced in the same immediate way: right now!

    Maria Sirviö
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    Experience the culture of the Forest Sami

    Till Årstidsfolket som erbjuder samiska upplevelser färdas du längs slingrande vägar genom milsvid skog. Här passerar du gränsen mellan dåtid och nutid, gammelskog möter nyavverkade hyggen och de gamla skogssamiska myterna och traditionerna möter det svenska samhället.

    Anna Bergström

How walking the King’s Trail changed my life

When Agata Mleczko first heard about the King’s Trail, she knew she had to walk it. It turned out be a life-changing experience. When I heard about the King’s Trail for the fir...

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Hiking in Swedish Lapland

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