• Emma Forsberg

    Lives in Gällivare. Loves dogs, food and spring-winter in Swedish Lapland.

  • Mirja Andersson

    Owner of Fjällaktiv Lappland and outdoor guide running expeditions and tours in and around the world heritage of Laponia. fjallaktiv.com

  • Anna Öhlund

    Photographer, writer and sculptor with a love for nature, skiing and all sorts of outdoor life. Born and raised in the coastal town Kalix, nowadays living in Kurravaara.

  • Johanna Ögren

    Johanna lives in Vittangi and likes blogs, books and ‘blodpalt’. Not necessarily in that order. Editor’s note: Blodpalt is a traditional dish made of barley or rye, potatoes and reindeer blood. Looks kind of like a dumpling.