• Emma Graméus

    Curious writer excited for the north. Residing in the Jukkasjärvi forests.

  • Sanne Brännström

    Sanne is a Tornedalian, photographer, outdoor experience coordinator and soon to be digital designer. She loves classic rock, retro stuff and all things wild and free. Right now she is living the vagabond lifewith her hockey-playing boyfriend and two active dogs”.

  • Therese Lundin

    Fly fishing guide, outdoor experience coordinator and digital marketing consultant living as a digital nomad all around Swedish Lapland. In love with words, northern lights, creativity, bird hunting, outdoor cooking and endless adventures.

  • Emma Ebermark

    Content maker and creator based in Nilivaara, Gällivare. Passionate about the Arctic lifestyle.

  • Sara Holm

    A multi-functional Northerner; writes, takes photos and creates. Loves to ride merry-go-rounds, visit water parks and drive tractors. The goal is to try as many sports as possible in one lifetime. Is indescribably good at reversing with a trailer and utterly useless at sunbathing at the beach.

  • Linnea Eriksson

    Communications manager by day, amateur artist by night. Swiped right on a helicopter pilot and ended up moving across the country to Arjeplog. Never looked back.

  • David Björkén

    Sommelier. Brewmaster. Bachelor of Science and marketing communicator at Destination Jokkmokk. Avid randonneur, fly fisher and downhill skier.

  • Rosemary Rayfuse

    Excited participant in the Sarek Ski Expedition 2017, with Laponia Adventures.

  • Johan Jonsson

    One of Sweden’s great free-skiers and a Haglöfs Ambassador. In the summer he’d rather go fishing.

  • Gunnar Westrin

    Author and fly fisher.

  • Stuart Davies


  • Emma Forsberg

    Born, raised and lives in Gällivare. Love dogs, food and spring-winter in Swedish Lapland.

  • Johanna Ögren

    Johanna lives in Vittangi and likes blogs, books and ‘blodpalt’. Not necessarily in that order. Editor’s note: Blodpalt is a traditional dish made of barley or rye, potatoes and reindeer blood. Looks kind of like a dumpling.

  • Mattias Westerberg


  • Britta Elfving-Persson

    Piteå resident and a proud northerner with a curious and open mind. Passionate about creating and sharing great stories with words, sound and image. A freelance journalist, writer and content producer.

  • Maria Broberg

    Maria likes to nerd out on music, food, body building and words. She has two kids, a bakehouse, a private ski trail leading from her porch to the river (Vindelälven) and her very own porcini mushrooms glade.

  • Håkan Stenlund

    Father. Writer. Flyfisher. Bird hunter. Content manager at Swedish Lapland Visitors Board. Patagonia Ambassador. And low budget environmentalist.

  • Göran Wallin

    Writer, photographer and outdoor fanatic with equal love for the mountains and the islands of Swedish Lapland.

  • Ted Logart

    Photographer, writer and foremost keen fisher waiting for that grand catch but trying to expect less.

  • Anders Westergren

    Anders Westergren is a media producer and partner at a communications agency. He has portrayed life in Swedish Lapland in all kinds of formats and contexts.

  • Maria Sirviö

    Internet geek and mother of two. Loves to cook and go fishing.

  • Ella Jonsson

    Ella Jonsson is a writer and author based in Swedish Lapland who enjoys the great outdoors, good food and travel – preferably all at the same time. The great woodland and big cities provide unbeatable sources of inspiration, all-consuming passions in her constant search for new ideas.

  • Therese Sidevärn

    Copywriter and graphic designer based in Luleå, Swedish Lapland, with a serious addiction to the great outdoors.