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Technical innovations are part of the solution as Arctic Sweden, the most progressive part of Europe is leading the green transition globally. But the challenge of the future is not a quick fix. To meet this challenge we need help - your help.

Meet Arctic Sweden at Emigration Expo 1-2 April

Eleven municipalities, Region Norrbotten and the European Employment Services, are attending Europe’s largest meeting point for emigration, the Emigration Expo in Houten, Netherlands. At the expo, you’ll find a comprehensive range of options, services, vacancies, and products about living and working in Arctic Sweden.

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Five fast facts

Area: Arctic Sweden covers approx.100,000 square kilometers of northern Sweden, an area as large as Austria.
Inhabitants: Arctic Sweden has a population of approximately 250,000 people.
Languages: Swedish is the region's official language. Sámi languages are spoken by the indigenous Sámi people and there are also minority languages such as meänkieli.
Largest lakes: Arctic Sweden is home to several large lakes, including Hornavan and Torneträsk.
Highest mountain: The highest mountain in Arctic Sweden is Mt Kebnekaise, standing at 2,111 meters.

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The Arctic Lifestyle

Arctic Sweden is the northernmost region in Sweden, known for its stunning nature and rich cultural heritage. In Arctic Sweden there is plenty of room for yourself. A lifestyle where life itself comes first and work is a part of it. Some call it harmony. This region is also a popular international tourist destination, also known as Swedish Lapland.

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The people

The people of Arctic Sweden are often associated with a “we can do it”-attitude, according to NASA. We are quick to find opportunities and solutions. For society to function, everyone is needed, from the one who clears snow to the one who takes care of us when we get sick, from the creative cultural practitioner to the children's soccer coach. Above all, we are good neighbours.

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Leading the green transition

Arctic Sweden is at the forefront, leading the green transition. Investments in creating fossil-free steel, better utilization of fossil-free energy, and the development of future forestry and food supply are ongoing at the same time. The scale is enormous, in fact the most comprehensive since the industrial revolution, 100 years ago.

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Cutting edge education

The school system in Sweden is well developed and holds high international standard. Luleå university of technology has world leading competence and research in several areas. Research is conducted in close collaboration with companies such as Bosch, Ericsson, Scania, LKAB, SKF and leading international universities, creating global social benefit with our arctic region as starting point.

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A region to do business in

Doing business here is extraordinarily simple. We have natural integrity, we know each other and we know that building fruitful networks is facilitated by short distances between people.

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Good to know

Planning to make a bold move? Here's some useful information.

Look into the specific town or city in Arctic Sweden where you want to move to and gather information on things like housing costs, job opportunities, and the local culture. This will give you an idea of what to expect and whether or not the move is feasible for you. Or talk to New resident service in your town of choice.

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› Apply for a work permit at the Swedish Migration Service (for non-EU/EEA citizens)

› Register as a resident at the Swedish Tax Agency (and apply for a Swedish id-number)

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Meet some of the locals
  • 16

    Chad chose Abisko

    In 2008 photographer Chad Blakley moved to Abisko to work the summer season. He followed the love of his life: Linnea. They both quickly fell for the breath-taking landscape and the welcoming people in the village. So, Chad and Linnea decided to stay the winter as well. But it would be many more summers and winters in Abisko.

    Håkan Stenlund
  • Frida Lind-Oja

    Meet Frida Lind-Oja, marketing manager and co-owner of the family business Camp Ripan in Kiruna. She is probably slightly different from many other marketing managers and hotel owners, since she in her free time gladly participates in the worlds longest ski race.

    Håkan Stenlund
  • 18

    From joik to Airijoki

    Telling a great story has always been important. In fact, some claim that homo sapiens thrived as species due to their skills in gossiping. From jojk to Airijoki, from stories to songs, this place is known for a good vibe.

    Maria Broberg