A love affair with skiing

Yes, that is what we do here in Swedish Lapland. We ski. From late autumn to mid-summer, under the northern lights and the midnight sun. Heliskiing, well-groomed pistes and cross-country skiing over lakes and trails. It's a love affair from the moment we get our first skis at an early age.

The masters playground

Kristoffer Turdell won Freeride world tour in 2018. In this video, Kristoffer does his most memorable run of the year – down epic mount Duolbagorni in Swedish Lapland.

  • Forest life in Svanstein

    Good skiing usually depends on one thing and one thing only: good snow. But good snow has many enemies. Sunshine, temperature and wind can all mess with the fluffiness of snow. It's best protected by forest, and allegedly the best forest grows in Svanstein.

    Håkan Stenlund
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    A story about two skiing friends and an amazing hotel

    People who have visited Riksgränsen during these last 20 years or so are familiar with "Strumpan" and "Jossi". One of them used to run the piste machine and is now a mountain guide. The other one used to run moguls and has become Sweden's most famous sommelier. These days they run a hotel together.

    Håkan Stenlund
  • Skiing under the northern lights

    Last year, in February, three of the world's greatest freeskiers, Reine Barkered, Aurelien Ducroz and Jackie Paaso, went to Björkliden to see the northern lights and do some skiing. I called up Reine to ask how their trip went. And some other stuff too.

    Håkan Stenlund

Skiing in Swedish Lapland

Being outdoors is a natural part of the Arctic lifestyle, and during winter – skiing is the way to go. Pro or beginner, Swedish Lapland offers it all. Top 5 for skiing in Swedish Lapland.

The world's longest ski race

The Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet is the world's longest ski race. This extreme competition is 220 kilometres long. From Jokkmokk to Kvikkjokk, and back again. Learn more about the race.

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    If it’s the first time you have ever met a pack of enthusiastic huskies, no wonder you would be a bit reserved. However, there’s absolutely nothing to be afraid of. Join the British couple Sabina and Pete for their first encounter with some of Skellefteå’s shaggy residents...

    Ted Logart
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    The taste of Swedish Lapland

    In Swedish Lapland we keep honestly prepared food from local produce close to heart. That comes quite naturally since nature’s pureness and lots of great ingredients surround us. Welcome here and taste all the goodness of nature that has over centuries adapted to life in our subarctic environment.

    Therese Sidevärn
  • An autumn hike in Abisko

    Autumn… It can be really boring… and dreary… and just… just wonderful! Autumn is so immediate; it makes its first appearance after a chilly night and then moves on at full speed. Its colours and clear air must be experienced in the same immediate way: right now!

    Maria Sirviö
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